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About Maxwell

Maxwell McKnight has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type II). 

Overall, Maxwell is doing very well in himself. He is a content and loving little boy who seems very timid to strangers.
However once he has built his confidence in you, he certainly pushes the boundaries like any other youngster.

Motor Skills

Maxwell struggles to lift his head for the first five inches off the ground.
Once he is helped with the initial movement, he can come into a sitting position with a little further assistance. In sitting, he can sit forwards and correct himself if he falls forward. However, he struggles to correct himself if he falls towards the sides.

Previously Maxwell’s neck and hip control/movement has been weak, but is improving with physiotherapy.
Maxwell still gets very anxious if there is nothing in front of him to support himself, as he has no reflex action.

Maxwell has some lovely fine skills with his hands. He can hold a pen nicely, but he struggles to push it down onto the paper and is better with felt pens.
He doesn’t have a problem with co-ordination – it is more the lack of strength in both arms and lower legs that causes his difficulties.

Self Help/ Independence

Maxwell requires full care for dressing, undressing and going to the toilet.
He is prone to constipation due to limited mobility and is on a higher than average fibrous diet.

During the night, he needs turning several times as he doesn’t have the strength to roll over.  He also has use of a bed cradle to keep bed linen (quilt) off his legs.