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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Type II SMA?

Please see our information page on Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

How does this affect Maxwell?

The condition primarily affects Maxwell's motor skills. Maxwell lacks strength throughout his whole body and struggles to do day to day tasks which many of us take for granted. The main task is obviously walking.

Is Maxwell in any pain?

Maxwell isn't in any pain, however he has a slight tremor when carrying out tasks.

What will your fund raising be spent on?

Money raised will be spent on the following:

  • £15,000 car - Maxwell will need a specially adapted car which, needs to be suitable for his wheechair.  PURCHASED WITH THANKS
  • £10,000 Through the floor lift. Maxwell will need access to his bedroom and bathroom. Maxwell does not have the strength to use a Stair lift and needs the use of his wheel chair in all areas of the house. We have also looked at stair lifts as these are a cheaper option. However we have been advised away from this, as it eliminates Maxwell's independence. PURCHASED WITH THANKS
  • £25,000 House Alterations.  A housing grant is given by the local council. However this is basic and falls short by some way. Maxwell will need a Wet room for his day to day hygiene. A downstairs toilet big enough to manoeuvre a wheelchair. A room to store his essential mobility equipment. A larger bedroom so he can move around and play easily on his chair. PURCHASED WITH THANKS
  • £800 Stand Up Wheel Chair.  Recommended by his Physio, for development of upper body strength. This in-turn will help prevent Scoliosis (curviture) of the spine which leads to further health complications. PURCHASED WITH THANKS